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5 Important Considerations When Inspecting A New House

Despite the excitement involved with buying a house, there is likely to be an additional and persistent concern that issues might occur or, perhaps worse, be hidden among the property. Inspections are, for this very reason, a standardise part of the purchase process, however, in addition to both the time and cost involved, there is also the risk that something might be missed.

As such, it is recommended that potential buyers are aware of the most common issues and important considerations when first inspecting a house. Being familiar with such information can prevent stress and reduce risk, especially if a buyer is able to spot property damage or problems ahead of time.


Moisture damage is a common issue, especially among residences in the UK. Between the wet climate and old builds, there is a tendency for houses to experience dampness to at least some degree. While moisture can be controlled to a certain degree, it can also lead to significant issues within a home, as well as prompting the need for renovations down the line.

As such, consider taking a moisture detector when visiting a potential property, as well as paying very close attention to the condensation and temperature of walls within a home. While mould is a visual indicator of dampness, early signs are more difficult to spot.

Garden Design 

It is easy to be instantly charmed by a garden space, having the privacy of an outdoor natural area. However, gardens are often neglected, which can lead to potential problems. Certain plants can be particularly problematic, as well as some like Japanese knotweed being devastating, while poor drainage can lead to flooding and issues with foundations.

Ideal gardens are those that are well-maintained, offered with plenty of information, such as an outline of foliage, and even curated design elements like log cabins or other appealing features.

Roof Quality 

It can be something of a challenge to inspect a roof on an initial visit to a property. However, it remains an important part of viewing a home. This is because even small faults within a roofing structure can lead to significant costs.

A missing tile, for example, can be easily overlooked only to gradually allow water into a home, developing substantial moisture damage. As such, be sure to investigate both the exterior and interior of a roof before exchanging on a property. 

External Environment 

Visiting a property during the middle morning of a weekday cannot guarantee a well-rounded understanding of the local environment. Footfall and cars are most likely to cause disruption during the early and late afternoon hours, with there also being a potential for noise in the evenings. This is why, even outside of property viewings, a home should be visited at various hours of the day. 

Electrical Quality 

As we more greatly depend on gadgets and smart homes become more desirable, pressure is placed upon home electrical wiring. There are a number of risks associated with old wiring set-ups and it is important to recognise any potential issues that might occur, not only because of the loss of power but also because rewiring and modernising a home’s electrical systems is an expensive ordeal.

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