5 questions to ask when buying replacement windows and doors

You can never be too careful when buying new windows and doors for your home. There are some important questions you need to ask before committing your money to buy from a windows and doors company. Ask the following questions and ensure that you are provided with the right answers before making a ‘buy’ decision.

1. What kinds of products do you have in your showroom?

It is good to know that there are different brands of windows and doors on the market. As a result, the company’s salesperson should show you around the showroom explaining the features of the products to you. This will help you make an informed decision about buying the right windows and doors.

2. Can you give me references?

A reputable company will be willing to give you the contacts of references you can speak with when buying windows and doors. Ensure to contact the references and ask for their honest opinion about the products and services received from the windows and doors company. Your decision may be affected by the feedback, but it is worth the effort.

3. What type of warranty is available on the products?

Do not buy windows and doors not protected by any warranty. Ask if the warranty will cover cracks or any damage before installation or there is a workmanship warranty on the products. A warranty is a sign of quality and responsibility on the part of the company.

4. Do you have adequate insurance?

Ask if the company is adequately insured. If your home gets damaged from water leaks from the replacement windows, will the company be responsible? Besides, ask if the company has workers’ compensation and liability insurance to prevent you from liabilities if an accident happens to any of the workers when working in your home.

5. Who will measure and install the windows and doors?

The next important question is to ask who will measure your windows and doors spaces to ensure correctness. Besides, ask if their installers will be available to install the windows and doors. In most cases, the company’s certified installers must be the ones to install the windows and doors, else the warranty will be voided.


The above questions are the 5 important questions you need to ask. Meanwhile, let the company provide you with detailed pricing in writing, which will show the breakdown of every item you are paying for. The specifications, models, and ratings of the products must be indicated to avoid confusion.

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