How can you tell when it’s time to replace windows?

Are you a homeowner asking: “how often do windows need to be replaced?” Are you searching for signs to tell when it’s time to replace windows in your home? Do not search further; below are signs that tell you that your windows need to be replaced as soon as possible.

1. Faulty Operation

Windows and doors have a way of telling homeowners that they need to be replaced. One of such ways is by becoming too difficult to be operated. Aging windows and doors usually have balance problems due to years of opening and closing and exposure to extreme weather. As a result, when your windows and doors are jamming and sticking, requiring brute force to open or close, it is high time you replaced them.

2. Cold Drafts

When you notice recurring cold drafts in your home whenever you are close to your windows and doors, this indicates that the seals are damaged, allowing cold air infiltration into your home. You should plan to replace your windows immediately; else, your HVAC will be working under high pressure and will cause your energy bills to increase significantly.

3. Condensation Between Glass Panes

Condensation or sweat-like moisture between the glass panes of your windows, especially on cold days, indicates that your windows need to be replaced. The windows are losing their effectiveness due to failing seals. This will eventually affect the windows’ energy efficiency. As a result, contact a licensed windows and doors company for new energy-efficient replacement windows.

4. Loud Outdoor Noise

One of the features of high-quality windows and doors is the soundproofing feature. However, when the noise outdoors becomes so loud in the house that it disturbs your peace, consider replacing your windows. The windows have undoubtedly lost their insulation properties, allowing noise to be transmitted indoors at a higher volume.

5. Damaged Windows Frames

Exposure to extreme weather and age could make your windows deteriorate, especially the frames. If the window frames are damaged by water, rot, or other structural damage signs, do not delay replacing your windows. Look for signs of mould, mildew, decay etc. on your windows and window frames. Immediately you spot them, schedule a replacement project soon.

6. High Energy bills

If the temperature indoors does not change easily according to the current settings of your HVAC, the chances are that there is outdoor air infiltration into the home, rendering the HVAC ineffective. However, when you change the settings on your HVAC to effect changes in the indoor temperature, your HVAC will work harder and use more electricity. This will increase your energy bills over time. An increase in your energy bills should hint at the need to replace your windows.


How often do windows need to be replaced? depends on the structural and functional integrity of your windows. The above are the telltale signs that you need to replace your windows and doors. However, ensure to buy high-quality and energy-efficient replacement windows and hire a licensed installer for the installation process for the best results possible.

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