How to Pick the Right Bathroom Tiles

Planning your bathroom interior design can be a very exciting experience. However, you must ensure that you pay close attention to every single detail. One of the prime elements of a bathroom design is tiles. Choosing the right tile for your bathroom design can be a difficult task. From their size, colour, design to the material, you must consider every single factor to ensure that the bathroom appears not only appealing but is also easy to maintain. If you are not sure how to choose the right tiles for your bathroom, here are a few that will surely help you:

01 of 05 Set a budget

As mentioned earlier, tiles are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Depending on these factors, their prices also vary. Hence, before making any decision, you must first set a budget. Setting a budget beforehand is very essential to ensure that you do not cross your financial limits. Once you have a proper budget plan, you can narrow down your choices and buy tiles according to your preference.

02 of 05 Decide on the material

While choosing tiles for your bathroom interior design, you have to decide on the material you want to use. Some of the most used materials are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Natural stone tiles are the most expensive tiles given their unique appeal. They give the bathroom a very opulent look. If you are looking for economical options, ceramic tiles are a great option. However, they are not as durable as the other materials. Porcelain tiles are considered a great option for bathrooms because they are durable and water-resistant. Also, they have a through-body composition, i.e., if your green porcelain tile surface chips, it will not expose any white inner layer. It will be green all the way through.

03 of 05 Do not opt for more than 3 different tiles

While designing your bathroom, you may feel like incorporating different types of tiles. It is acceptable if you limit yourself only to three different types. Besides choosing the primary tile that forms the basis for the design, you can consider adding accent tiles to enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Keeping the primary bathroom tile design as the focal point of your design, choose other tiles featuring subtle colours and similar designs that complement the rest decor.

In most designs, the three types of tiles installed are floor tiles, wall tiles, and accent tiles. Floor tiles cover the flooring, wall tiles are installed in the shower area, surrounding the bathtub, or even on the entire walls, and accent tiles become the focal point. Although it is a rule followed by many designers, you can always consider getting experimental and come up with creative designing ideas.

04 of 05 Consider the maintenance required

Maintenance is one of the important factors that must be considered while buying tiles for your bathroom interior design. This is because if you do not clean the tiles timely and maintain them properly, they might appear dirty and even get damaged. While some materials require frequent cleaning and maintenance, others are durable and hardly require any attention. If you do not have the time or will to clean the tiles frequently, you must always opt for items that do not get dirty or stained easily. However, if you have the time and energy to keep up the maintenance, you can choose options that are not so durable. Also, certain tiles require sealing frequently to sustain their shine. Make sure that you are fully aware of the cleaning and maintenance process before opting for the tile.

05 of 05 The size of the tiles

The size of the tiles has a huge impact on the overall design of the bathroom. In contemporary bathroom designs, large tiles are generally used. If you want to install large tiles on your bathroom floors, consider using the same bathroom tile design but in smaller sizes for a different area in the bathroom.

If you want to buy tiles for your bathroom, always ensure that you only buy from renowned brands like AP Beautiful Homes. They offer good-quality bathroom tiles that are durable and aesthetically appealing as well.

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