Living Room Colours for Your Contemporary Indian Home

Your living room colours are important. They ensure that the space appears appealing and inviting. You will find lots of options in the market. Make sure that you do not rush with the decision. It will ensure that you pick the right shades.

It is always crucial that you choose colours for your living room that complements the theme. This will ensure that the living room appears more appealing. Otherwise, the living room design may appear imbalanced. If you are not sure about the colours you can choose for your contemporary living room, here are a few options you can consider:

01 of 04 Monochrome with one contrast colour

Many people do not like choosing a monochrome colour scheme for the living room interiors. This is because the space appears boring and dull. However, monochrome always does not have to feel that way. According to experts, you can easily add more visual interest to this two-colour combination for the living room by adding another colour. It will instantly break the monotony of the space.

It is always better to choose a bright colour to break the monotony of monochrome. There are many options you can consider for this, like yellow, red, orange, etc. You can introduce it in various ways, like adding accents, furniture, and furnishings. The interiors will appear more vibrant. In case you want understated tones, you choose colours like powder blue, off-white, etc. Some people like going bold. Neon colours can be an interesting option for them. It will give a striking and unique look to the living room design.

02 of 04 Neutrals colours

Some people prefer sober and simple living room designs. Some designs do not necessarily mean they are boring. You can find interesting simple designs that will make any space appear more elegant and sophisticated. Colours can be used to create a simple living room design. You will require neutral colours for this. There are lots of options available. In case you are not sure about the neutral colours you should choose, consider choosing a combination of cream, coffee brown, and beige. These colours blend together seamlessly and create an appealing living room design. You can add shades of grey with them as well.

If you want to go a little bold with the neutral colours, you can consider adding earthy tones. Pick curtains, cushions, and accents in mossy green and rich mustard tones. A hint of dull gold for your accents will look great as well. In case you feel that the living room design appears cool, you can warm it up with shades of red as well.

03 of 04 Add blues to the space

Blue is one of the best options you can choose for your living room. People love using blue in house designs because this colour has a very soothing effect. It makes the interiors feel spacious and airy as it resembles the sky. You can benefit by choosing it for small living room designs. The interiors will appear larger than their actual size. However, you cannot use only one shade of blue for the entire room. Many experts recommend adding shades of white with blue to ensure the blue is not appearing overwhelming. You can consider choosing other shades of blue to complement your primary blue.

Adding light blue curtains is one of the most popular ways of adding blue to the living room interiors. It helps to create a more breezy look in the living room. Make sure you add different prints and patterns while adding multiple shades of blue so that they appear more distinctive.

04 of 04 Add some contrast

You can always choose similar colours for the living room decoration. They will help to create a seamless look. However, you should consider adding some contrast to the living room interiors if you want to make a statement. Adding contrast can instantly upgrade the aesthetic beauty of your living room interiors. It will add more drama and personality to the space. You can add more boldness to your house design with this option. Both multicolour and two-colour combinations for the living room are accepted.

However, you will have to be careful and ensure that the space does not appear overwhelming. This can be done by carefully choosing the colours for the living room. Consider using cool, light grey as a base colour and add pink, turquoise and yellow accents to decorate the space. A light-coloured sofa with some pink and turquoise cushions will surely add contrast but avoid too much drama. Also, you can keep it from appearing too overwhelming by choosing softer-coloured furniture for the room interiors. They will balance out the small bold accents.

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