Reasons to Replace Your Driveway with Concrete Pavers


Your driveway is one of the most noticeable things outside your home and plays a vital role in shaping the curb appeal of your home. Moreover, you use it every day and the dark hard surface helps to highlight more vibrant and luxurious parts of your landscaping. That’s why it’s unfortunate that most homes come with an asphalt driveway or concrete slabs. However, it doesn’t need to be that way and you can get professionals to change it by searching for “paving companies near me”. Let’s check out why you should replace your traditional driveway with concrete pavers.

The Reasons

  1. High durability – Asphalt driveways may crack over time and even if you hire the most expensive and experienced contractor, it won’t ever look as smooth as it used to. On the other hand, stone and brick driveways can easily fade in color and start crumbling after some time. Concrete doesn’t have such problems. It was designed to make buildings that last for decades or even centuries and hence can stand up to harsh weather conditions like extreme temperatures or heavy showers. Since it’s a mixture of rock, sand, water, and cement, the resultant aggregate has a higher comprehensive strength than steel. That’s why many people prefer to have a concrete slab over asphalt for their driveway. However, concrete slabs also come with their own challenges and pavers are a solution to those problems.

When concrete is poured or used as slab driveways it has the same issues as stone or brick driveways. It can easily crack, and its brittle nature adds to the disadvantages. However, when you have concrete in the form of interlocking pavers, the final result is one of the most durable materials that will last you for decades. Unlike concrete slabs, these pavers are flexible and have room to expand and contract due to extreme weather changes. That’s why they are resistant to cracks and if you get permeable pavers, you won’t have any water pooling on the driveway after heavy rain. That’s why some companies offer a lifetime warranty on concrete paver driveways.

  1. Low maintenance – Concrete pavers are one of the most expensive things you can buy for making your driveway and also cost a pretty penny to have them installed. However, that cost is balanced by its advantages in durability and low maintenance. They are so durable that you don’t have to worry about the pavers, cracking, fracturing, shifting, or sinking. Moreover, unlike asphalt driveways, you don’t have to worry about the disintegration of the top layers after a year or two. You don’t need to sacrifice your weekend for pulling out weeds from the driveway either since the interlocking pavers are highly resistant to weeds.

Even if your driveway gets damaged, it’s very easy to repair when it’s made from concrete pavers. Thin of pavers as tiles with uniform dimensions. That means you can easily swap out the damaged pavers with new ones. No need to worry about tree roots pushing up your pavers from the ground. You can remove those few pavers, cut the roots and replace the pavers. You can even reinstall the pavers after you level the shifted paver base. It’s highly modular and saves you a lot of time and trouble. There’s no curing time either for installing concrete pavers. They are pre-made and cut into blocks and your driveway is ready to use right after installation.

  1. They look amazing – The word concrete usually invokes the image of ugly and unattractive grey surfaces in your mind. While that may be true with concrete slabs, it certainly isn’t so for pavers. You may have already come across concrete pavers without realizing it. They are used for paving sidewalks, commercial and industrial settings, and more. They are small individual blocks that can come in all kinds of shapes, textures, colors, and sizes you can imagine. You can create beautiful patterns with them on your driveway or even get those that look like natural stone. You aren’t just limited to the driveway for using concrete pavers. You can even use them for jazzing up your garden path or for other landscaping features.
  1. They are environmentally friendly – Concrete pavers don’t just look good but can be a conscious environmentally friendly choice. Unlike asphalt, which is made from some of the most polluting materials like petroleum-based products and coal tar, concrete has a much smaller carbon footprint and is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials that’s used on a large scale. Moreover, making concrete consumes far less energy compared to asphalt. They also help you to reduce water wastage and help to redirect most of it back to the ground if you install permeable pavers. This sustainable choice can also help you out when selling your home in the future. Buyers are growing more environmentally conscious and a driveway that’s kinder to the environment can play a significant role during negotiation.
  1. Increases the value of your home – As mentioned above, concrete pavers are expensive materials and would cost you more to get them professionally installed for the driveway. However, it also lasts you for a lifetime and that’s a big selling point for any potential buyer. Your real estate agent will have an easy time upselling your home if you have a concrete paver driveway. Moreover, since they are very low maintenance, they add more to the savings in time and cost in the long run. If you choose a contractor that provides a lifetime warranty on the driveway after installation, then it’s virtually maintenance-free. Concrete pavers on driveways are like the hardwood flooring of a home. They add immense value to your property.


Now that you know all about concrete pavers and their benefits on your driveway, you should get them installed as soon as possible. This project demands a lot of work and technical know-how and that’s why you should consider outsourcing the job to pros by searching for “paving companies near me”.

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