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Your living room is a place meant for relaxation and allows you to display your style to visiting guests. That’s why you need to carefully choose furniture for the living room and maintain them in top shape. If something breaks, you can search for “furniture repair near me” and hire professionals to fix it for you. For now, let’s check out some stunning living room chairs.

The Chairs

  1. Grey swivel chair – This grey swivel chair isn’t just attractive, but also extremely comfortable. It has a large, oversized design that can support your shoulders, back, and arms and lets you assume the most relaxing posture. To support your weight at tricky angles, the chair has a giant base and can handle any motion you throw at it. Moreover, it looks stunning with the soft velvet upholstery that has channel tufting.
  1. Large tufted chair – If the comfort level of the grey swivel chair isn’t enough and you want something bigger and better, then this large, tufted chair is the one for you. It is shaped like a lounge with a flat bottom section that extends upwards at an angle on both sides. On the other hand, the legs have a classic design with a brass finish at the end. Overall, it makes for a bold design and the rectangular tufting with extra thick cushions makes it super comfy.
  1. Tasca small living room lounge chair – People with apartments in the heart of the city usually have small homes. That means the living room doesn’t have enough space and it can’t be clogged by an oversized comfy chair. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice style or space and choose to buy this small lounge chair from Tasca.

It has a simple and chic design that allows you to make a bold statement.  The chair sits on a metal frame with thick tubular legs and has a single-piece cushion for both the seat and the back. Combine that with an industrial design lamp and small side tables and you got yourself a highly stylized modern living room.

  1. Swoon living room chair – Imagine a traditional armchair and now combine that with a lounge. That’s what you get with the swoon living room chair. Its versatile, compact and has been designed with a lot of curves in the right places. You also have thick lumbar and seat cushions that can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  1. Blu Dot Red Chair – If you want to make a statement with your living room chair, the Blue Dot red chair allows you to make a bold one. The chair is available in bold accents that allow you to reflect your personality and has a modular design that makes a lot of practical sense in a compact living room. The chair is shaped like a lounge with a tall back and ample use of curves for perfect ergonomics.

Moreover, the chair is supported by a metal base that looks nothing less than a sculpture. The chair comes with a dual-purpose ottoman with the same design language and build quality. You can even use the ottoman as a footrest when there are fewer guests at home.

  1. Residential Isabella Chair – If you have an artistic mindset and want to capture the intrigue of your guests, then you can buy this Isabella Chair. The chair seems like it’s playing a balancing game with just three metal legs. The streamlined legs are complemented by a brightly upholstered seat and back support with a contemporary design. You’ll get ample comfort with this chair in your living room while also showcasing our subtle taste in art.
  1. Retro living room chair – Remember those blocky living room chairs from the 70s and 80s? A track frame with curved arms and biscuit tufting. This chair mimics the old-school look and transports you to a different era with its retro style. As with everything retro, the chair comes in a wide variety of bright upholstery options. To make an even stronger visual impact, you can get the option of exquisitely patterned upholstery.
  1. Wilkes living room Chair – If the curved and rounded design was embraced without any inhibitions and used to make a chair, it would result in the Wilkes living room chair. Everything from the armrests to the seat and the back has rounded edges. In fact, the chair is designed in such a way that it seems someone made a chair from four rectangles with rounded edges. Its minimalistic brilliance at its full display and also very comfortable. You can choose upholstery options from every shade of the visible spectrum.
  1. Fried Egg Chair – The design of this chair is over half a century old. However, since its inception in the 50s, the asymmetric silhouette of the fried egg chair is easy to recognize at any home, cafe, or hotel. The unique form helps you make a statement for your adventurous and curious personality and the scooped armrest lets you chill out in comfort.
  1. The Reader Living Room Chair – The chair was designed by Tor Hadsund with inspiration from Danish furniture construction. It features veneers that are gently curved to form the backrest and the seat and all of that stands on a low base made from oak. The low base and its structure make the chair incredibly stable even when it doesn’t seem that way. Apart from the cushions and upholstery, everything is made from fine oak and that makes the chair a refined addition to the living room. Moreover, it helps to dampen surrounding noise and vibrations from reaching you. 


As mentioned above, living room chairs are excellent in every sense of the word and you need to be very careful while selecting one for yourself. You also need to keep the chair in good condition to make an impression on your guess. If a furniture leg gets broken or the upholstery is torn, you can search for “furniture repair near me” and hire professionals to fix it for you.

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